A great view into Gdańsk. You can see the it's town core.



Population: 461865

Coordinates: 54.35227, 18.64912

Timezone: Europe/Warsaw

Basic city data: Data Source | CC BY 4.0

About the city

Gdańsk, also known as Danzig in German, is a historical city located on the Baltic coast of northern Poland. It's recognized as one of the major seaports in the region and plays an essential role in the economic life of the country. The city has a rich history dating back to the 10th century, making it one of the oldest cities in the region. Gdańsk is renowned for its magnificent architecture, with buildings representing various styles from different time periods including Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. One of the most famous landmarks in the city is St. Mary's Church (Bazylika Mariacka), which is the largest brick church in the world. The Royal Route, a series of streets connecting various parts of the Old Town, offers an insight into Gdańsk's historical past and features numerous significant sites such as the Artus Court and the Neptune Fountain. Gdańsk also has a deep connection with the history of Poland, as it was here where the first shots were fired in World War II. The city's role in the birth of Solidarity (Solidarność), an anti-communist labor union movement that played a significant part in the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe, is another important aspect of Gdańsk's history. Today, Gdańsk is a thriving tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors annually. Apart from its rich history and stunning architecture, the city also offers various cultural activities and attractions such as museums, art galleries, theaters, and festivals throughout the year. The city's economy is driven by a mix of tourism, port activity, and manufacturing industries. Gdańsk is well-connected to other major Polish cities through road, rail, air, and sea transportation networks, making it an accessible destination for tourists and travelers alike.

Top Comments

The local craftsmanship in Gdańsk is impressive.

The local markets in Gdańsk are a treasure trove of unique finds.

The open-air markets in Gdańsk are a melting pot of flavors and cultures.

The street performances in Gdańsk are entertaining and engaging.

I felt safe and secure walking around Gdańsk.

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