A great view into Sorø. You can see the it's town core.



Population: 7999

Coordinates: 55.43184, 11.55547

Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen

Basic city data: Data Source | CC BY 4.0

About the city

Sorø is a town and municipality in Denmark, located approximately 75 kilometers west of Copenhagen. The name "Sorø" means "southern lake," which refers to its location near several lakes, including Lake Tuel. It has a population of around 10,000 people. The town is well-known for the historical and cultural attractions it offers. One of the main highlights is Sorø Kloster (Sorø Abbey), a former Augustinian abbey founded in 1161 by Archbishop Absalon. It was later converted into an impressive Baroque church, which today houses the tombs of several Danish royalty and notable figures, including King Christian VI. Another significant attraction is the Sorø Akademi (Sorø Academy), a famous 18th-century boarding school that educated Denmark's elite, including many members of the Royal Family. The academy was founded by Count Otto Thott, and it played an important role in Danish cultural life during its time. Sorø is also home to several parks, forests, and gardens, which offer residents and visitors beautiful natural surroundings for leisure activities, hiking, and picnicking. Some of these green spaces include the extensive Jesper Brochmand Park and the enchanting Sorø Dovegård. The town has a thriving arts scene as well. The local museum, the Skovgaard Museet, is dedicated to the works of renowned Danish painter Carl Fredrik Sørensen and features other exhibits on Danish art history. Additionally, the nearby Gisselfeldt Castle hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, such as concerts, plays, and festivals. In terms of transportation, Sorø is well-connected to the rest of Denmark by road and rail. The nearest international airport is in Copenhagen, which can be reached by train or car in about an hour. The town itself has a small railway station with frequent connections to other Danish cities.

Top Comments

The local markets in Sorø are a feast for the senses.

The street performers in Sorø are incredibly talented.

The city's parks and green spaces in Sorø are a breath of fresh air.

Sorø is a great place to immerse yourself in art and culture.

The city's parks and green spaces in Sorø are a breath of fresh air.

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