A great view into Zwolle. You can see the it's town core.



Population: 111805

Coordinates: 52.5125, 6.09444

Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

Basic city data: Data Source | CC BY 4.0

About the city

Zwolle is a beautiful and historic city located in the Overijssel province of the Netherlands. It has a population of approximately 125,000 people and covers an area of 34.6 square kilometers (13.37 square miles). The city was founded in the early 8th century and played an important role during the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule in the 16th century. Zwolle is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and picturesque canals. Some of the notable landmarks include the Sassenhof Castle, the Grote Kerk (Great Church), and the Peperbusse tower, which is one of the tallest structures in the city. The city offers a variety of cultural attractions such as museums, galleries, and theaters. One of the most popular tourist sites is the Museum de Fundatie, which houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Zwolle also hosts various events throughout the year, including music festivals and sports competitions. In terms of economy, Zwolle has a diverse range of industries, with a strong focus on technology, logistics, and renewable energy. The city is home to several large companies and research institutions, making it an attractive location for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Overall, Zwolle is a vibrant and welcoming city that combines rich history and beautiful architecture with modern amenities and economic opportunities.

Top Comments

The Christmas markets in Zwolle are magical.

The nightlife scene in Zwolle offers something for everyone.

The bike-sharing system in Zwolle is convenient for exploring.

Zwolle is a great place to immerse yourself in art and culture.

The libraries in Zwolle are a great place to relax and read.

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